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Insight: Low-code

In this insight, we analyse what to make of low-code. Low-code technology is becoming increasingly popular within organisations, due to the fact that software can be developed in a relatively simple way. With low-code users get building blocks and drag-and-drop mechanisms to create apps much faster than before. Not everyone is familiar with low-code. That is why, we analyze the different low-code solutions and strategies, we will look at the questions of what it is and what exactly you need to take into account. In principle, there are two different kinds of low-code which you can use: a pure low-code platform on which you build standalone applications which operate independently and a low-code platform solution from an IT supplier which adds functionality or extend the platform.

Low-code development versus low-code platform

Various players on the market are working on such a pure low-code platform. Mendix and OutSystems are examples of this. They are used to fasten application development. On the other hand, you have the SaaS suppliers such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, ServiceNow and Microsoft, which also offer low-code possibilities but from within a platform. We will explain what these different vendors do and what makes them unique. There are also more and more vendors combining low-code with other technologies, such as integration platforms, business process management and robotic process automation. The merge of such technologies is also referred to as hyper-automation.

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Insight: Security

In this Insight, we discuss the most important topics regarding cyber security. Security should be high on the agenda of every organisation by now. The number of malware attacks and data leaks is at an all-time high. What can your organisation do to become safer and reduce risks?


One of the types of attack many companies fear is ransomware. In many reports, this form of malicious attack is the most common. When companies become a victim of ransomware, the consequences will impact the business considerably during a more extended period.

Securing the company network to the cloud and the home offices

Another subject that requires careful consideration is network security. Not only the company network but also the cloud and home offices. Home offices have become a popular gateway to the corporate network for cybercriminals during the COVID pandemic. However, many security measures for home networks are different from those for traditional company networks. What is also striking is that the security industry is fundamentally flawed. By this, we mean that many investments do not deliver what was expected or hoped for. Things can and must get better. We also discuss many other important topics, such as API security and SASE.

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