About us

Techzine focusses on IT professionals and business decision makers by publishing the latest IT news and background stories. The goal is to help IT professionals get acquainted with new innovative products and services. We also offer in-depth information to help understand products and services better.

We have a team at the office that investigates the enterprise IT market and write in-depth background stories. We also use freelancers to create content for our platform.

Editorial team:

Coen van Eenbergen
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Sander Almekinders
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Berry Zwets
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Geert van der Klugt
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Adrian Bridgwater
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We write about a lot of different enterprise IT subjects. From on-premises to the cloud, from software to SaaS and from management to DevOps. If you want to contact us, you can e-mail us at info@techzine.eu. You can also reach out to us via our personal e-mail address.

Press releases:

Press releases can be sent to press@techzine.eu. All industry press releases will be checked every morning by our editorial team for newsworthiness and relevance. Public relations representatives do not need to call us to alert us to a press release.