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Workday wants to turn EMEA companies’ interest in AI tools into trust

Workday wants to turn EMEA companies’ interest in AI tools into trust

Workday is seeing its customer base expand in the EMEA region. According to the company, this is due to increased interest in AI tools and the need for digital transformation.

Workday kicks off its Workday Rising event for Europe in Barcelona by sharing growth figures. The Workday Suite is said to have more than 2,000 customers currently within the EMEA region.

The company offers cloud applications to support the finance and HR departments of companies. Yet growth continues in more industries, with manufacturing, media, public sector, retail and IT also showing interest. These industries are all characterized by a demand for agile solutions to handle complex situations and meet the challenges surrounding AI. According to Workday, this common denominator among these industries is realizing growth figures.

Years of AI development finally pay off

The company’s growth spurt also plays together with the theme of the opening address: trust. Because embracing a new partner means entrusting your business to an external organization, but it also means starting a relationship in which trust must be built. Workday would like to combine both perspectives on the concept of trust. It immediately explains this in terms of AI. It states that both technologies are deeply integrated into the Workday platform and delivered ethically.

Workday has been working on developments around AI and machine learning (ML) for years, but now that the technologies have become hype, it’s time to go big on this topic during Rising EMEA 2023. The years of developments have already led to Workday being allowed to join EU regulators in considering the European AI Act which is thought to be finalised any time soon.

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The years of development are now delivering through a growing customer base interested in AI. These customers seem to have come to the right place because at least the years of development have not rushed the technologies into the platform just to keep up with the hype. A strategy that a lot of other companies do seem to be adopting in the AI year 2023.

AI interest in EMEA offers opportunities

According to the recently published Workday survey, growth due to increasing interest in AI tools is especially true in Europe. This area, in particular, appears enthusiastic about AI products. In the Netherlands, for example, 56 percent of leaders are open to the opportunities AI and ML have to offer their organizations. That percentage rises to 62 percent in Austria, the European country that seems most open to the technologies.

In America, only half of leaders are willing to welcome the technology. Workday explains these figures by reference to the upcoming EU AI Act, which may temper concerns about the privacy and security of the tools, thus providing the keyword from the conference ‘trust’.

With the curiosity and open attitude of European companies towards AI tools, Workday is only too happy to take advantage of during Rising Workday EMEA 2023. We are curious to see how the company plans to gain the trust of the large group of new customers. But also gain trust from companies who do not trust AI, because despite the greater interest in the European region, we see for the Netherlands that at least four in ten leaders are still not convinced to bring AI and ML into their company. For them, Workday will have to be more persuasive.