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Databricks has seen strong revenue growth in the EMEA region over the past year. Sales in this region increased 70 percent over the past 12 months, mainly due to increased business demand for AI solutions.

Databricks reports that sales increased by this percentage in the EMEA region. The main reason for this hefty growth, matched by the same figures in the Australia – New Zealand (ANZ) region, is the increased demand for business AI applications.

The Databricks SQL tool was particularly popular in the EMEA region. This tool for an “intelligent” data warehouse, including the built-in data intelligence engine DatabricksIQ, according to the data specialist, now enables both technical users and business customers to use analytics extensively for their operations.

Expansions in EMEA region

Databricks plans to make hay while the sun shines upon the increased popularity in the EMEA region in the near future. To this end, a number of new offices will be opened in the region this year and other locations will continue to expand. These include a new EMEA headquarters in London and new offices in Madrid and Milan appearing in the second half of the year.

Existing offices in Amsterdam, Belgrade and Munich are being expanded. A new technical office in Zagreb was also opened early this year. Also, Databricks has purchased additional cloud capacity in the regions AWS Paris and Azure Qatar.

Global activity

Databricks is also doing well globally, according to annual figures for fiscal 2023. A total turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros ($1.6 billion) was recorded. In addition, another series of companies were acquired last year, including MosaicML, Arcion, Okera, Einblick and Rubicon. Furthermore, Databricks invested in AI developer Mistral AI and recently launched its own open-source DBRX model.

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