Dutch government starts consultation for NIS2 bill

Dutch government starts consultation for NIS2 bill

Effective immediately, it is possible for anyone to submit suggestions for improvement for the Cyberbeveiligingswet.

This is the bill that transposes the NIS2 Directive into Dutch law. The Dutch have until July 2 to respond. After the consultation, all responses will be reviewed and their processing will be listed in an outline report on the Internet consultation website.

From Europe, the NIS2 will become mandatory in October 2024. However, the Netherlands already knows it needs more time to translate the directive into national legislation. There are still many steps to take, including the consultation period starting now and the assessment by the Council of State. The legislation is expected to enter into force in the Netherlands in 2025.


The Cyberbeveiligingswet is the successor to the Dutch Wbni. It will expand the number of organizations covered by the law. In addition, the bill contains rules on duty of care (cybersecurity measures) and duty of notification (reporting incidents) and compliance monitoring.

The measures that companies must take under the duty of care require time and attention. For this reason, the Digital Trust Center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate advises not to wait until the legislation is in place but to make preparations in advance. To this end, the DTC has published 10 duty of care measures.

Submitting suggestions is possible through the government website.

Tip: Don’t wait for NIS2 legislation, organizations can do a lot now