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A job that does not require employees to use IT turns out to be more desirable than thought. Research by TOPdesk shows that about 20 percent of respondents aspire to this. However, avoiding traffic jams is still the most popular.

A job without IT is much more popular than thought. The TOPdesk survey shows that 20% of the employees surveyed see this as an option. This is especially the case when it comes to avoiding IT failures.

According to just over half of the respondents, IT failures cause them to be disrupted in their work and unable to continue it. This comes at the expense of work time, according to almost a third. A quarter even see IT failures as a major factor that negatively affects job satisfaction.

IT failures generally accepted

However, a majority of respondents do recognize that IT failures are unfortunately unavoidable nowadays. IT employees indicate this the most: 87%. Other employees are slightly less convinced of this, representing 67% of the relevant respondents.

IT failures that employees face the most are inaccessible system or cloud environments, failing hardware at workstations and in conference rooms and even forgetting passwords or login problems.

Avoiding traffic jams more popular after all

When asked what problems hinder employees most in their enjoyment of work, it is not their irritation with respect to using IT. Very classically, this is still the daily traffic jam to and from work.

When employees can choose to avoid traffic jams, instead of working with IT, a vast majority 68%, still choose the former, according to Topdesk’s research.

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