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OpenAI is opening an office focused on the European Union and located within that territory. The reason for this office is a greater ability to negotiate for upcoming European laws and regulations.

By opening an office in Dublin, Ireland, OpenAI wants to be closer to the source of upcoming European laws and regulations in the field of (generative) AI. To this end, the AI specialist is mainly looking for employees with knowledge of laws and regulations and privacy.

Headwinds from EU member states

Besides exerting influence, the Dublin branch must also maintain and improve relations with the various regulators in the individual member states. OpenAI has faced many headwinds from various European regulators in recent years, such as the temporary banning of ChatGPT in Italy and Spain for privacy reasons and data protection complaints to the Polish privacy regulator.

When the Dublin branch will open is not known. The office will be OpenAI’s third office in addition to its San Francisco headquarters and London office.

Big tech hefty presence in Ireland

OpenAI is not the only tech giant to have a branch office in Dublin for the EU market and EU regulatory affairs. Other big tech companies such as Google, Meta and Microsoft also have European headquarters in the Irish capital.

This is because the Irish government offers favourable conditions for tech companies. But, the fact that the Irish privacy regulator is the leading regulator for all European member states makes the place also interesting.

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