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The company is building on its concept of “data health”.

This week Talend announced its Fall ’21 release. The new release provides new service, product, and packaging innovations, according to the company. They are applying their data health concepts across their platform to “help customers realize value from their data quickly.”

Talend’s latest release introduces its first solution delivered *-as-a-service. It includes new product capabilities to accelerate data professional productivity, they claim. There is also an “industry-first” packaging option that supports unlimited rows and unlimited users. This, they say, provides predictable pricing and greater control of data costs.

“It’s no longer just about that first mile data movement from point A to point B. Simply moving any data into a business process, analytics environment, or machine learning model will not deliver successful business outcomes,” said Krishna Tammana, CTO at Talend.

“Our focus is to help customers with the last mile in data management, ensuring they have healthy data when and where they need it, in the right context.”

Introducing a suite of “healthy” enhancements for Q4

Highlights of the Talend Fall ’21 release include the Talend Data Quality Service. This gives business leaders a path to healthier data without technology or headcount investments, they say.

A big addition is a native Trust Score for Snowflake. This profiles entire datasets inside Snowflake Data Cloud, ensuring data professionals can leverage healthy, analytics-ready data for their businesses.

Self-service Data API sharing in Talend Data Fabric enables data engineers to run processes, applications, and analytics without relying on a developer. Talend says its new no-code product creates and shares APIs in minutes rather than following a process that typically takes days.

They also claim an “industry first” with Stitch Unlimited’s non-consumption-based pricing. This gives analysts predictable data ingestion costs and improved productivity, according to Talend.

Krishna Tammana commented further. “Our new release builds upon the innovative quality and trust capabilities in our platform that has made Talend a leader over many years, enabling more organizations and people to benefit from healthy data.”