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New Samsung feature mimics your voice to answer calls

New Samsung feature mimics your voice to answer calls

A feature in the new Samsung One UI 6 beta for the Samsung Galaxy S23 lets users answer phone calls completely automatically — this time with an AI-generated voice that resembles the user’s.

In version 5 of Samsung One UI, the release of the Bixby Text Call feature already made it possible for end users to interact with callers in real time before answering the call in question. The feature was used to check that those on the other end aren’t robot calls, spammers or scammers.

Own voice

In the second beta version of the Samsung One UI 6 version launched in August, this feature has now been expanded to include new AI-based features. Calls answered automatically via Bixby Text Call previously had a generic AI-generated voice indicating that a virtual assistant is speaking. With the new functionality, an artificial voice similar to that of the real end user now answers.

End users can generate the AI voice themselves through a step-by-step process in Bixby Text Call. It allows them to record ten sample sentences to generate the custom voice model. This is now only possible for English with an American accent.

Besides this new functionality, Samsung has also added other features in the second beta of Samsung One UI 6. These include several fixes, new animations and fixing several bugs. Also, the availability of the beta version for the Samsung Galaxy 23 has been extended to more countries.

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