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Launch of BigCommerce in Spain, Mexico, and Germany

Launch of BigCommerce in Spain, Mexico, and Germany

US-based ecommerce platform, BigCommerce has started its global expansion. They have now launched in Spain, Mexico, and Germany.

Texas-based ecommerce platform BigCommerce has officially launched in Spain, Germany, and Mexico. However, this is just the start of their global expansion. The company did this to help local merchants establish, scale, and expand their B2B and B2C businesses internationally. They already had a successful launch in the Netherlands, Italy, and France six months ago.

A recent study has shown that cross-border and ecommerce sales are expected to increase. ‘The 2022 Global State of Cross-Border Commerce report by Rapyd suggested that cross-border commerce will grow at 5% CAGR and reach $153 trillion worldwide. Moreover, sales by online retailers can also expect to reach $6.388 billion by the year 2024.

Thus, most retailers are increasingly seeking to provide frictionless and modern shopping experiences to meet consumer expectations. Due to the Open Saas ecommerce platform by BigCommerce, businesses can quickly scale and grow. All sizes and kinds of merchants can deliver innovative and localized customer experiences by leveraging BigCommerce.

BigCommerce’s Vice President International Marketing, Meghan Stabler, said,

 “A robust and flexible eCommerce platform that can grow in parallel with business needs is critical for merchants. This will be vital to gain solid footing in today’s increasingly digital world. This is the competitive advantage BigCommerce offers to retailers in our newest regions,”

She further stated:

 “Coupled with local support and translated resources to establish their brand, connect with customers, and build trust. Our solution primes businesses to enrich online customer shopping experience and positions them to innovate in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.”

BigCommerce’s Clients

BigCommerce has several established clients in each new region, such as Spanish companies Diago and Safeguru, German companies Dr. Barbara Sturm and Uno Motors, and Mexican companies Tienda Chivas. These companies are leveraging BigCommerce’s platform for managing and optimizing their online stores.