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Coveo solutions is a unicorn startup that works with companies like Salesforce and Adobe to improve their websites with artificial intelligence. It introduced new features to help developers use its technology easily.

The features were announced by the company at its annual Relevance 360 Week Virtual event. Quebec City in Canada is where Coveo started out providing cloud-based search technology. The startup’s search engine, an integral part of its feature set, can be embedded into corporate websites to help users find pages faster. The software leverages an array of algorithms to personalize search results for every website visitor.

What the update brings

After a funding round in 2019, where Coveo raised $172 million, the startup established a presence in segments adjacent to its search engine project. The startup used AI technology to build a recommendation engine. Online retailers use it to suggest relevant products for shoppers.

Coveo also has personalized website content. The startup offers various AI-powered capabilities via a single managed service it calls Coveo Relevance Cloud.

The update also introduces a command tool for Coveo Relevance Cloud. The startup unicorn says that the command-line tool will allow software teams to automate some of the work involved in embedding search features in a site.

Ease of use is a theme

Developers will also access features that make troubleshooting Coveo Relevance Cloud deployments and managing the website content displayed in search results easier.

The existing developer tool Coveo Push API can also automate another set of software tasks.

The company is adding three software development kits for the Python and Java languages, as well as Node.js, for ease of use. The tool makes tasks like uploading content to the platform for search results and managing employee access to content easier.