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Nvidia Inference Platform for Generative AI will be integrated into Google Cloud Vertex AI.

Nvidia announced that Google Cloud is integrating the company’s newly launched L4 GPU and Vertex AI to “accelerate the work of companies building a rapidly expanding number of generative AI applications”.

Speaking at the Nvidia developer’s conference on Tuesday, Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia, observed that “surging interest in generative AI is inspiring a wave of companies to turn to cloud-based computing to support their business models”.

“We are working with Google Cloud to help ensure that the capabilities they require are easily available and able to help fuel the incredible new tools and applications they will create”, Huang added.

Generative AI is the part of Artificial Intelligence that can generate all kinds of data, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, 3D objects, videos, and so forth. It takes inspiration from existing data, but also generates new and unexpected outputs. The most well-known instance of generative AI today may be OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Enabling “a new era of computing”

The new partnership aims to build infrastructure that can make AI apps faster and more accessible to customers. Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs) enable technologies like ChatGPT. The high-performance Nvidia GPUs help generative AI platforms digest and process increasingly large amounts of training data.

For example, Microsoft reported last week that it strung together tens of thousands of Nvidia’s A100 GPUs in its data centers in order to handle the computational cloud workload for OpenAI.

“Generative AI represents a new era of computing — one that demands the speed, scalability and reliability we provide on Google Cloud,” said Amin Vahdat, vice president of Systems & Services Infrastructure at Google Cloud.

“As our customers begin to explore the possibilities of generative AI, we’re proud to offer them Nvidia’s latest L4 GPU innovation as part of our workload-optimized Compute Engine portfolio.”

Google Cloud provides the computing infrastructure for a wide variety of organisations with generative AI applications, Nvidia said. “Rapid inference is key to successfully running their applications”.