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LinkedIn is rolling out AI-based ChatGPT functionality in its platform. The AI functionality should help users create engaging profile sketches and headlines. In addition, recruiters can create better job descriptions for their job postings.

For the AI functionality now being added to the platform, the Microsoft subsidiary uses both the recent OpenAI GPT-4 model and predecessor GPT-3.5.

The latest version of the generative AI model is being deployed for end users. They can use it, according to LinkedIn, to further personalize their profiles and create attractive headlines.

Based on the suggestions and text provided by the AI tool, users can customize the profiles as desired. According to LinkedIn, the use of the AI functionality should allow users to spend less time and energy in creating a profile.

The GPT-4 functionality is available immediately, exclusively for LinkedIn Premium users who are among LinkedIn’s “most active members. With the feedback provided by these users, the platform plans to improve the integrated functionality.

GPT-3.5 for recruiters

Corporate recruiters can also benefit from OpenAI’s generative AI functionality. LinkedIn is deploying the GPT-3.5 model for this target group. This allows companies to more easily generate their job descriptions for vacancies.

Recruiters need to enter general information about the company and the position to do so. The AI functionality creates a job description for a vacancy based on this information. However, of course, this text has to be manually edited to make it completely accurate.

New AI courses

Furthermore, LinkedIn is introducing accessible courses on generative AI functionality for any member with a LinkedIn account. Through June of this year, 100 AI courses will be put online that will allow members to develop their skills in this area. These include courses such as “What is Generative AI,” “Introduction to Prompt Engineering for Generative AI” and “Introduction to Conversational AI.

Earlier, LinkedIn announced it was integrating AI functionality for writing articles on the platform. The integration of generative OpenAI functionality is also right up parent company Microsoft’s alley to incorporate ChatGPT functionality into many of its solutions, like Bing, but also Skype, for example.

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