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New Rust 1.56.0 provides means for extending application lifespans

New Rust 1.56.0 provides means for extending  application lifespans

Programming language Rust has gained more functionality with the stable release of version 1.56.0

The release allows developers to create backwards compatibility for earlier versions, making it the definitive opt-in-version among 2021 releases of the programming language.

Extending application lifespan

Rust is an increasingly popular and beloved open-source language, as illustrated by the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020.

Among other things, the 1.56 release brings features for extending the lifespan of applications built with Rust. ‘Closures’ can now ‘grab’ individual name fields instead of entire identifications. The ‘Intolterator’ for arrays can now iterate items based on value rather than reference.

In other news

Furthermore, the second version of the Cargo feature resolver is now checked by default; TryInto, TryForm and FromIterator commands are standardized, and panic errors now expect format strings.

Also, syntax has been reserved for quotes like ‘…’, “…” and #. Code that triggers so-called ‘bare_trait_objects’ and ‘ellipsis_includive_range_patterns’ now returns an error message by default.

The release’s source code is available on GitHub. Users of older editions of Rust can retrieve version 1.56.0 with a simple command.

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