Amazon’s Dash Cart makes cashier-less stores almost a reality

Amazon’s Dash Cart makes  cashier-less stores almost a reality

Amazon revealed its latest development in retail tech. The Dash Cart is a new way that will enable shoppers to buy groceries without having to stand in line at the checkout. Amazon, which has a brick-and-mortar operation with over $4 billion of revenue, is experimenting with this new technology to enable automatic billing so customers can walk out with their items.

The Dash Cart is a new concept that could speed up the expansions that Amazon is trying to make into retail. They could also be the technology supplier for other retailers if this works as they hope. The Dash Cart is set to launch in Amazon’s Los Angeles grocery store.

How Dash Cart works

The technology behind the Cashier-less store uses sensors, cameras, and computer vision to detect when an item has been placed in the cart and if they have been removed later. When the shopper is done, they can pass through a Dash Cart Lane built in the store where the items are billed to their Amazon account.

The Dash Cart has room enough for about two shopping bags’ worth of groceries and is intended for small purchases. This is the best way for Amazon to test the concept and see if it works with the public, before going all-out.

Potential product for Amazon

With the launch of Dash Cart, Amazon highlights the importance of brick-and-mortar stores, in an age where online purchases are taking over the world.

The Dash Cart has integrations with Alexa Shopping Lists features. The Go checkout technology, as they call it, might be a significant product for Amazon, if it works well with the public. Other retailers might want to do this as well.

It’s all a matter of waiting to see how this plays out.