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Recent updates to the Fortinet Security Fabric underscore a growing focus on securing organisations with hybrid work policies. The organisation claims to have the world’s most complete work-from-anywhere security solution.

Security organisation Fortinet develops a platform for securing network traffic, endpoints and cloud environments. This so-called Security Fabric platform includes physical and virtual firewalls, the design and requirements for SASE network architectures, threat protection for endpoints, and monitoring of diverse cloud environments.

A context

The platform is divided into individual solutions. No one is forced to purchase the total sum of its parts: usage of one or a few components is common. Fortinet’s approach always starts with acquiring insight into the devices, applications and data in a network, endpoint or cloud environment, depending on the security need at hand. Data is collected through APIs (cloud), lightweight software (endpoints, be it virtual or physical) and firewalls (network). Next, data is forwarded to FortiOS, a universal operating system upon which each solution is based. From here, Fortinet is able to hold data up against AI models to detect anomalies in network traffic, cloud environments or endpoints. Problems are automatically fixed where possible or reported to support security teams.

The claim

FortiOS and a wide selection of deployment options — think of the aforementioned APIs for clouds, software for endpoints and firewalls for networks — put Fortinet in a relatively good position to cover every corner of an IT environment. The latter becomes more relevant as the working norm shifts from offices and homes to a combination of both. As employees move outside the corporate network and the watchful eye of an endpoint security solution is lost, the latter loses its value. In this light, the organisation is going public with a striking claim. Fortinet states it possesses the world’s most complete security solution for hybrid, “work from anywhere” environments. A spokesperson says that the Security Fabric is extensively suited for this.

Fortinet backs up the claim by emphasising the existing authentication, identification, endpoint security and network security solutions in its portfolio. Since the recent introduction of FortiTrust Services, all solutions required to protect organisations with employees working at home, in the office and on the road are available through a single license.

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