Telecom operator Orange denies the sale of physical network

Telecom operator Orange denies the sale of physical network

A France-based Telecom company, Orange S.A, announced that they won’t be selling their physical telecom networks.

Formerly known as France Telecom S.A, Orange S.A says it is not selling its physical telecom networks, as per Ramon Fernandez, the chief financial officer (CFO) of Orange.

Les Echos, the French financial daily, reported that Orange – the French multi-national telecommunication corporation – was studying sales of their 730000 kilometers of underground/subway lines and 15M telephone poles.

The French daily said it might be valued approximately at around 8 billion euros and might be sold, if all remained well, to the infrastructure fund. “There is no such news in this dossier, which only exists in the press,” Fernandez said.About Orange

Orange is one of the largest network operators for broadband internet, fixed-line, and mobile telecommunications in more than 25 countries, with communications and enterprise I.T. services extending to over 200 countries and regions under the ambit of the “Orange Business Services” brand.

They have more than 150000 people working worldwide, reflecting various markets they serve.

In addition, they have 40 years of a rich heritage of enhancing the world of communications via high-performing innovative and infrastructure services, from the very first French Telematic services during the 1980s to today’s cloud, 4G, IPTV, fiber, and NFC services that they launched on a worldwide scale.

Their brand embodies optimism and values in providing premium-quality services while emphasizing the human advantages created by techs.

Their motto ‘today changes with Orange’ grabs their daily commitment and determination to make digital transformation useful and a simple reality for everyone.  

At present, Orange enjoys the 51st slot of being a treasured brand in the world, worth more than $21billion.