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Chromebook users can now use Microsoft 365 apps on their devices without having to open the browser without any problems. Google has enabled direct access through the Chromebook Files App.

This feature, announced for ChromeOS last year, is now widely available. The goal is to make it easier for Chromebook users to use the various Microsoft 365 applications for their work.

Although Chromebook users already had access to the Microsoft 365 suite, they had to go to the Web-based version via the Chrome browser to do so.


With this change, Chromebook users can now open Microsoft 365 files in the apps they can install on their device. After installation, they must connect Microsoft OneDrive with the Chromebook Files App. ChromeOS remembers these settings, giving users quick and easy access to all files.

Gradual rollout

The rollout of this new option for the Chrome operating system is taking place gradually. Soon, Chromebook users will be able to use this feature.

Google is not the only company working on better integration of Microsoft 365, especially the individual apps. Dropbox, for example, also recently announced new integration capabilities. The main focus is support for real-time co-authoring in the Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps, while files are stored in Dropbox cloud accounts.

Tip: Chrome browser without tracking cookies won’t appear until 2025