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According to AWS, the European Union is at extreme risk of delaying its digital goals due to a lack of cloud and technical expertise.

Last year, the European Commission launched a 2030 vision under which 80 percent of the population acquires digital skills, 5G connectivity, and online public services. More than 74 percent of EU companies and businesses are expected to employ cloud services.

AWS commissioned Public First to research the progress. According to the report, the EU risks lagging its goals by ten years if governments don’t start focusing on bridging skill gaps. The EU faces a substantive lack of digital skills, making it difficult to unlock extensive economic development.

According to the report, the EU will meet all its targets by 2040 if progressed at the existing speed. In terms of economic value, the EU expects to make €1.3 trillion by 2030. The report claims that accelerating progress can net €1.5 trillion. “The biggest blocker we have heard from our customers, and what is stated in this report, is the lack of digital skills”, said Tanuja Randery, Managing Director at AWS.

Free training to acquire cloud and tech skills

In 2021, 54 percent of EU citizens aged 16 to 74 had basic overall digital skills. There’s a lack of technical tools and skilled tech workers. This is a major factor in declining economic growth, says AWS. At this development rate, only 61 percent of the EU’s population will have digital expertise by 2030 – short of the 80 percent target.

To empower their population with digital skills, AWS offers free technical training to employees and job seekers. AWS deems free training to be necessary to increase cloud, artificial intelligence, and big data adoption by EU businesses.