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Privacy update Google lets users delete personal info

Privacy update Google lets users delete personal info

Google is adding new privacy features to its search engine. This gives users control over their personal information by allowing them to filter out personal information from Web results.

Google’s new privacy updates make it easier to remove personal information from search results. Google is making that a simple chore by alerting users when their personal information pops up online. Google is rolling out a new dashboard for this.

The dashboard will be found in your Google account under the “Results about you” category. The search giant introduced that category last year and helps with deletion requests.

For now, this privacy update will be available in the U.S. only. “We are working to bring it to new languages and locations soon,” indicates the blog.

Reduce explicit content

Users will also be asked to remove explicit images, in a new privacy policy. “We have long had policies in place that allow you to remove non-consensual explicit images from Google Search. We are now building on these protections to allow people to remove all of their personal explicit images from Search that they no longer want visible in Search.”

In another initiative against explicit content, Search is automatically blurring explicit images in search results. Google is now rolling this out as a default to users worldwide.

Not offline

Google does not have the ability to make personal information disappear completely from the Internet. The data will be filtered out of its search results but will remain available through competing search engines. Moreover, the Web page will also remain accessible.

Tip: Google promises to make data transfer easier for users