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Zoom is adding a ‘bring your own key’ encryption to offer better security to its users.

We’ve all seen the rise of Zoom in the pandemic. Both organizations and schools were increasingly using Zoom to carry out daily tasks. The video-conferencing application allows people to connect.The trouble arose when the application started facing security breaches. In order to contain the impact, Zoom has introduced a new feature.

Zoom Customer Managed Key

Zoom took a step towards better encryption. The organization introduced the Zoom Customer Managed Key to streamline the process. The encryption key is primarily targeted at customers in highly regulated industries.

The release of the Zoom Customer Managed Key offers Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit Galois/Counter Mode. This type of encryption does not deal with security alone, but also improves performance.

While most software services use encryption keys as a means to secure their systems, keys can be breached. With the arrival of Customer Managed Key, cloud platforms can better protect themselves on cloud platforms. “With Customer Managed Key, users can opt to use their own encryption keys to encrypt such assets as cloud recordings, voicemails, and calendar access”, Zoom said.

Users can now encrypt meetings and sessions to better protect their data. The meeting administrator will be able to easily provision encryption keys to all the meeting guests through the security tab. Data privacy is a growing concern, and the new feature is a step towards improving the data encryption practices for cloud platforms and SaaS applications.