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Dubai’s Starlink ditches IPO plans to merge with Infinigate

Dubai’s Starlink ditches IPO plans to merge with Infinigate

Cybersecurity company Infinigate Group announced a merger with Dubai-based cybersecurity firm Starlink. The two will form a new company with projected annual sales of $2.2 billion.

Following the merger, Starlink will operate under the Infinigate Group banner. The acquisition follows Infinigate’s August buyout of cloud reseller Vuzion. In July, the company stated that it sought to acquire ‘large parts’ of UK-based IT services and consulting firm Nuvias.

Infinigate did not disclose the deal’s value. With offices in over 30 countries, the move will expand Infinigate Group’s footprint to more than 50 nations, the organization said.

Infinigate-Starlink merger

The joint venture will strengthen its position as a major EMEA player, with over 1,100 devoted staff, considering all completed and planned acquisitions. Infinigate, founded in 1996, now employs over 500 people and operates in 11 European nations, including France, Germany and Switzerland.

Starlink, founded in 2005, operates in 11 countries with more than 300 workers and annual sales of $500 million. According to Infinigate, Starlink is the largest cybersecurity distributor in the six Gulf Cooperation Council nations, with a market share of more than 20 percent.

Leadership changes

Mahmoud Nimer and Nidal Othman, joint founders of Starlink, will continue to be involved in the company. Nidal will take on a new job with Infinigate as CEO of the MEA area, as well as contribute to the worldwide expansion of the vendor portfolio. Mahmoud will become President of the MEA region.

Both will report to Klaus Schlichtherle, CEO of Infinigate Group. The deal was supported by Bridgepoint, a major private investor that focuses on the middle market with over €37 billion in assets under management and a significant presence in the US, Europe and China.

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