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Senhasegura launched MySafe, a business-grade password manager for personal accounts.

Cybercriminals don’t need an administrator account to successfully attack an organization. Sometimes, a personal Gmail or Facebook password is good enough.

In the wrong hands, personal accounts create the risk of social engineering, phishing and outright attacks. Verizon researchers indicate that 82 percent of all cyberattacks in 2021 were caused by stolen login credentials. Earlier this year, security firm SpyCloud suggested that 65 percent of all internet users use the same password for multiple accounts. The most popular passwords are short and easy to crack.

Password managers can reduce the risk of identity theft. Hence, Senhasegura launched MySafe. The solution stores the passwords of multiple users in an encrypted vault. The accounts related to the passwords are exclusively accessible to MySafe users.

Senhasegura MySafe

When an employee tries to log into a personal Facebook account, the employee will have to authenticate through MySafe. The solution adds an authentication factor. A password alone is no longer enough to access an account. Like two-step verification, MySafe eliminates most forms of identity theft.

After deploying the solution among employees, MySafe automatically fills in stored passwords in login forms. Employees can share passwords with each other in a secure environment. The latter is much safer than lingering credentials in apps like WhatsApp, Outlook, Google Spreadsheets and Slack.


Privacy laws typically require organizations that handle sensitive data to have some measure of insight into system access. Although most enterprise identity and access management solutions provide insight, personal accounts often fall between the cracks.

In that regard, MySafe answers an important problem. The solution allows administrators to review which passwords allow access to which systems and when the passwords are used.

Senhasegura PAM Core

Senhasegura develops a broad portfolio of security products. Its primary solution is PAM Core, a privileged access management (PAM) system. Organizations use the solution to secure the login credentials and access tokens of users and applications. PAM Core focuses on corporate accounts and applications, while MySafe secures personal accounts.