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According to Nutanix, more and more financial services companies are turning to modern cloud architectures and technologies to create the foundation for their digital enterprise infrastructure. In a whitepaper, Nutanix researched the trends and strategies for financial services companies to be succesful in the world of (multi)cloud.

In the paper, Nutanix provides the information needed to understand crucial considerations in the decision to move to the cloud as financial services companies. In addition, the whitepaper discusses how integrations with other useful emerging technologies can be achieved by migrating to the cloud.

Furthermore, the paper describes the competitive advantages for financial organisations in deploying a hybrid cloud with multicloud management. Nutanix shows that this offers more advantages than using a single public cloud platform. Nutanix states that these advantages will become more and more clear in the future, as regulators will become more aware of the risks that Financial Technology (FinTech)-companies could pose for the financial services economy.

With Nutanix’s solutions, financial institutions can modernise their infrastructure as the foundation of their digital enterprise architecture, positioning enterprises to achieve agility, efficiency, and greater steps in innovation. One of the advantages of the hybrid multicloud relative to the solutions offered by FinTech companies is that legacy technology can still be used, in comparison to the incompatibility which often arises when Fintech cloud solutions are used. Register below to read all about that and more!