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Do you still have a Windows 7 system? Have you found out that this operating system is officially no longer supported? That’s a bit late, but through this article you can easily upgrade to Windows 10. With some luck for free, with some bad luck it will cost you a maximum of 15 euros.

First question is, what do you need to install Windows 10 and preferably upgrade for free? What you need is a legal version of Windows 7 or Windows 8(.1). Do you doubt if your Windows license is legal? If you got Windows with your desktop or laptop when you bought the device in the store, you have a legitimate version of Windows that can be upgraded for free.

Did your neighbor, cousin, or that one handy whizzkid from the neighborhood ever install a new version of Windows on your system? Then you probably don’t have a legal version. In this case, the cheapest way to get to Windows 10 is to Google for a Windows 10 Home or Pro license. Google Shopping will supply some shops where you can get a license for less than 15 euros. The Windows 10 Home version is even cheaper. There are plenty of sites that sell you a legitimate Windows 10 key and can deliver it immediately by e-mail.

The other thing you need is a working internet connection, preferably a fast connection because you need to download a few GBs of data.

Install and Upgrade

Microsoft has published the Media Creation Tool on its website. You have to download it, preferably to the pc you would like to upgrade.

Once you have downloaded the Media Creation Tool, you will need to run it. Then you can choose whether you want to upgrade the PC on which you downloaded the tool to Windows 10 or upgrade another machine. If you choose another machine then you can choose the language, architecture and Windows 10 version, then an ISO file will be downloaded that you need to burn to DVD or make a bootable USB stick. You can also use an ISO file to virtually install Windows 10. A USB stick is the easiest nowadays, because who still has a DVD player in their computer.

For users with less IT knowledge, it is wise to just download the Media Creation Tool on the machine you want to upgrade. After this step, you just need a lot of patience. First you need to download about 3GB, which takes about 30 minutes to an hour on average, then Windows can start the installation which, depending on the system, can take an hour to several hours; depending on the amount of data and installed applications.

After the installation it is wise to press Start and click the settings icon on the left, above the stand-by icon to get into the control panel. Then click on Update and Security, and finally on Activation. There you should find the text: “Windows 10 is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account”. If it says that the license is invalid, expires in 30 days, or some other error, then you know that you still have to buy a valid Windows 10 license key, which you can use to activate the operating system. On this page, near the bottom you will also find the option “change product code”, once you have purchased a new license, you can enter it there.

For people from the stone age: no there are no more serial key generators, so you can bypass the activation. You just need to spend the 15 euros.