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Microsoft has presented new versions of its Bing search engine and Edge browser that feature AI functionality from OpenAI. This AI technology resembles that of ChatGPT and gives users of the tools more information and context, and allows them to start a chat conversation.

With the announcement of the introduction of AI technology for the Bing search engine and Edge browser, the tech giant seems to be taking the lead in an “arms race” with rival Google. Especially since the latter tech giant recently announced it is opening up its LaMDA AI model to more applications and wants to add AI to Google Search.

New OpenAI AI model

For its AI technology for the search engine and browser, Microsoft is using a new OpenAI AI model. The model used for this is similar to ChatGPT, but according to Microsoft, it is much more powerful and specifically focused on search queries. The model does provide more or less the same ChatGPT functionality to the search engine and browser.

The new version with AI functionality should provide users with better search results, answer complex queries, offer chat functionality to get the right results and help with content composition. AI technology, combined with the latest version of Edge, can also create summaries and analyze any Web page.

AI support for Bing

With the “new Bing,” users will see their search results with AI-generated context and comments about the specific search term in a side screen. The search results are shown in a left screen and the AI context and comments in a right screen. According to Microsoft, this allows users to check the AI results for truth so that both streams of information complement each other.

In addition, users of the new Bing can “converse” with the search engine’s chatbot through a normal interface, similar to ChatGPT. This is by asking questions.

Edge AI functionality

Within the latest version of the Edge browser, the AI functionality now gives two different ‘modes’; Chat and Compose. The Chat mode allows users to ask the AI technology questions about a document or Web page. For example, to extract and summarize key highlights from a long web document. Chat mode can also be used to start an interactive Q&A about the content of a particular Web site.

Compose mode allows users to have the browser help them create content. Think about writing Web content or a LinkedIn post.

The new version of Bing is now available in a limited preview, including some pre-populated answers. In addition, there is a waiting list to use the tool more. Those interested can sign up for it.

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