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Dataiku offers enterprises a framework for AI laws and various use cases in the new Generative AI Use Case Collection.

Dataiku now offers enterprises a suite of generative AI solutions and applications and an underlying framework. The Generative AI Use Case Collection and the RAFT framework should enable companies to integrate generative AI themselves into their work processes or develop applications for it.

Framework and use cases

Dataiku’s self-developed RAFT Framework for Generative AI helps companies prepare for future laws and regulations surrounding AI. The framework includes data around compliance, risk management and ethics for using AI in business solutions.

The Generative AI Use Case Collection lets companies work with generative AI. The solutions are 16 blueprints for various generative AI use cases.

The functionality for these use cases includes privacy-protected and automated generation of insights into the performance of factory machines, legally approved and automatically generated promotional emails and accurate bots that perform search queries for complex policy documents and contracts.

Additional services

Additional services include Dataiku’s Prompt Studio which allows end users to develop into complete prompt engineers. There is also AI Prepare, this service helps end users build production-ready data transformations by typing what they want to do with their data. These services are only available in preview for now.

The Dataiku RAFT framework and the Generative AI Use Case Collection are generally available.