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The iPhone is said to have seen lower sales in the past two months. Analysts say Apple will soon have to unveil future plans to keep investors happy.

Apple may see its biggest sales drop since 2016 in Q3. The reason lies in declining iPhone sales. In the period April-June, sales of these devices are said to have declined by two percent. Analysts at Refinitiv forecast a drop in quarterly revenue of 1.6 percent, Reuters knows.

AI and the new iPhone should save numbers

Analysts say it will soon be time for Apple to explain how it plans to use artificial intelligence. The technology should boost the company’s sales again.

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Apple may also pin its hopes on the new iPhone in the next quarter. As per annual custom, the latest models of the device will be released in September.

Highest market value comes with responsibility

Despite the impact of inflation and declining purchasing power on iPhone sales, Apple’s market share is doing extremely well. Last month, the company reached a market value of three trillion dollars. Never before has a company reached this market value.

Tomorrow the company will share its quarterly results. That is usually not accompanied by predictions for the following quarters, but tomorrow could be an exception. Perhaps then we will learn more about AI’s role in new Apple products.