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Arm’s September 14 IPO became the biggest in recent years, according to figures after the first few days of trading. The stock rose from $51 each to over $60 in one day.

As expected, Arm’s IPO has been a great success. On its first day of trading, last Thursday, September 14, the stock opened on the NASDAQ exchange in New York at $56.10. The previously established price of a share of Arm was $51.

On Friday, Sept. 15, the last trading day before the past weekend, Arm shares closed at $63.59. Arm’s market capitalization thus reached about $68 billion. In the meantime, it even peaked at $70 per share. Experts say the IPO was the largest in the past three years. The electric car manufacturer Rivian set this record just before the pandemic.

95.5 million shares on sale

A total of 95.5 million shares of Arm came on sale in the IPO. Previous pledgers for a share of Arm, including many major chip giants such as Intel, Nvidia, TSMC, Apple and Samsung, can buy up to another 7 million shares up to a month after the prospectus was published.

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