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Qlik acquires data management startup Mozaic

Qlik acquires data management startup Mozaic

Qlik has acquired Mozaic to simplify data management for large enterprise organizations.

Mozaic features the Data Product Experience platform based on a decentralized architecture. The platform supports organizations in building, securing, deploying and managing data products. It also provides a marketplace for these data products, accessed through different consumption models to enable different use cases.

By integrating Mozaic technology, Qlik hopes to accelerate the implementation and use of data within enterprises. In particular, for cloud platforms that Qlik has partnered with, including Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Fabric and Snowflake.

Data as a product

Mozaic follows the concept of approaching data as a product. According to Qlik, this strategy aligns with the growing demand for a SaaS-based data product catalog, providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience for managing the data lifecycle. At the same time, it reinforces a solid foundation for AI-driven data management, Qlik states.

Qlik will integrate Mozaic technology into its platform. The technology fits well with Qlik’s existing data quality and governance capabilities. Sharad Kumar, Mozaic’s founder, additionally hints at integrations with Qlik’s future projects.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. Sharad Kumar will continue his position within Qlik as Regional Head of Data Integration and Quality. In this role, he will continue to work on a Data Product Catalog solution and support users in extracting value from data.

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