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Dutch AI recruiter Textkernel acquired by US-based Bullhorn for 300 million euros

Dutch AI recruiter Textkernel acquired by US-based Bullhorn for 300 million euros

Textkernel, a Dutch company specialising in workforce recruitment using AI, has been sold to Bullhorn. This Boston-based recruitment software provider paid 300 million euros for the company, previously in the hands of Main Capital Partners.

Textkernel uses AI to analyze job postings and parse resumes, matching candidates to vacancies. Its technology was already part of the Bullhorn Marketplace, which allows recruiters to process international searches and job applications in multiple languages, saving a lot of time. Textkernel processes over 1.3 billion job postings annually worldwide and serves over 2,000 customers.

Textkernel has recently acquired several platforms for automating recruitment and HR processes, including Sovren, Akyla, Wiseguys, and Joboti. Now, it is Textkernel’s turn: Bullhorn has paid 300 million euros for the company, reports Dutch financial newspaper FD. This is Bullhorn’s second acquisition of a Dutch company this year, the first being Mployee, a provider of an HR suite based on Salesforce.

‘Unparalleled parsing technology’

Gerard Mulder, CEO of Textkernel, sees the acquisition as a big step forward. “Together, we will add tremendous value to the staffing and recruiting industry through our industry-leading platforms, rich data, AI capabilities, and search and match technology.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Matthew Fischer, president and COO of Bullhorn, praised Textkernel’s parsing technology in particular. “Textkernel’s parsing technology is second to none and will be critical to our AI strategy. Their matching technology is used by some of the largest enterprises in the world, both inside staffing and talent acquisition. […] The combination of Textkernel and Bullhorn will substantially help organizations solve their talent-sourcing challenges and win new business.”

Textkernel was previously acquired by CareerBuilder in 2019, to be sold to Main Capital Partners two years later. Textkernel’s headquarters will remain in Amsterdam.

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