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The crypto-currency market will no longer experience strong growth. That’s what the co-founder of ethereum thinks. Vitalik Buterin tells us that the time of explosive growth is most likely over and that investors should rather assume that the blockchain market is stabilising.

Buterin told the press agency Bloomberg that almost everyone has heard of blockchain in the meantime. As a result, there is no longer any chance of a thousand-fold growth in the market. This does not mean that there is a negative trend, but that the market is maturing.

Stabilising market

Buterin’s comments come at a time when cryptographic currency has suffered multiple blows. The later unraveled rumour that Goldman Sachs Bank would not come up with a trading platform led to a crash, in which almost every cryptic currency lost more than ten percent of its value.

Such issues have a major impact on the overall value and confidence of investors in cryptic currency. It is especially time that something was done about the latter, and that developers try to improve the infrastructure of their decentralised systems. They should also build more applications and protocols, so that consumers really dedicate themselves to blockchain-based platforms.

Constant course change

The last few months have been pretty turbulent for cryptographic currency. In January there was still a real peak, with the bitcoin reaching a value of more than 20,000 euros. After that, however, there were several hacks of trading platforms, in which cryptic currency was captured.

The fact that hardly a week has passed without a hack in recent times certainly does not inspire confidence. The result seems to be the constant rate of change. Currently the bitcoin is worth $6,318. Ethereum will follow with a value of $198.

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