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Welcome to Techzine.eu: Europe, here we come!

Welcome to Techzine.eu: Europe, here we come!

Today, September 26th, 2019, is the day we launch Techzine.eu and head for Europe. We will cover the latest news in enterprise IT, and more importantly, offer in-depth background stories about enterprise IT.

In Europe, the Techzine brand is new to people, but in the Netherlands, we have been around for more than 17 years. In 2018 we already expanded to Belgium, where our website is growing rapidly. We see our expansion to Europe as a big opportunity, and English versions of articles have been requested by many of the companies we write about.

Can you publish this background story in English?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when we deliver a story. The Dutch market is very innovative and our publications are doing very well, but our stories are only accessible to people that can read Dutch. We were often told that our extensive background stories, in-depth analysis and tone of voice are unique, and that they could be useful to many more IT-professionals and IT decision-makers if they would be available in English. At first, we just took these remarks as compliments. After hearing statements like these more, however, we took them to heart and decided to research the possibility of a Europe-wide publication.

We engaged with many executives, PR and marketing professionals of bigger IT brands. How big is this opportunity? What are they missing in regards to current publications with an international audience? After doing the research we decided to launch Techzine.eu: an enterprise IT website with a focus on Europe.

Our content strategy

The content strategy we use in the Netherlands will also be used for the European website. Techzine focuses on IT professionals and business decision-makers by publishing the latest IT news and background stories. The goal is to help IT professionals get acquainted with new innovative products and services, but also to offer in-depth information to help them understand products and services better. There are so many solutions out there that it is quite hard to find out what solution is best for which task. We want to help our readers make better decisions about investments in new solutions.

Where do all these articles come from on day 1?

We launched Techzine.eu with more than 3000 articles, to give the website a good start. As you can imagine, we did not write 3000 stories before we launched the website. We are not that crazy. We translated 3000 of our Dutch news articles through an advanced automated translation engine. We also manually translated around 100 background stories from our Dutch website. Around two weeks ago, we started writing IT news in English. To summarize: the latest news and all background stories are written in, or translated into English, but news prior to the first of September has been automatically translated. We do, of course, not intend to use automated translations for anything in the future.


We would like to thank all companies and people that provided us with input when we developed this new website and market strategy. We would also like to thank all readers that took the time to read our kick-off post. We will keep creating fascinating and convincing enterprise IT content. Hope to see you again!