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Dataiku creates a community for data scientists

Dataiku creates a community for data scientists

Dataiku has told Techzine about the introduction of the Dataiku Community, which is intended for professionals in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

With the Dataiku Community, the data science-unicorn brings different resources together. For example, users will have access to Dataiku manuals, but they should also gain more insight through use cases and articles on the platform. According to the company itself, this provides the tools to increase the knowledge of the platform.

In addition, Dataiku hopes to encourage community members to engage in discussions about data science. This is done by offering the possibility to ask questions and get support from Dataiku. The company also hopes that best practices will be shared.

Democratisation of data science

Dataiku immediately points out their mission to democratise data science at the time of the announcement. The community should, therefore, contribute to the expansion of data science knowledge and skills among members, both in relation to Dataiku and beyond.

“We are pleased that with the Dataiku Community we can give even more users the means to work together faster and smarter, on the road to enterprise AI,” CEO Florian Douetteau said. He emphasises that the community builds on his company’s collaborative philosophy.

The Data Community supports Dataiku Free Edition and Dataiku Lite Edition users. The community will continue to expand in the coming months. For example, the company promises local user groups and a program for ambassadors.

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