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Infor informed Techzine about a new partnership with Snowflake. This should make it easier to use Infor’s Birst analytics platform, as Snowflake has technology to prepare data for analysis.

Birst is the ERP vendor’s business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that helps companies gain more insight into their processes. By applying automation and machine learning technology to business processes, users learn to understand their business better.

However, applying analytics and BI is not always easy, as data from different sources has to be extracted and prepared. The data must be of a certain quality if you really want to draw conclusions from it. For this so-called ETL principle (extract, transform, load), data warehousing products are used. This is what the Snowflake technology is intended for in this collaboration.

What helps to further support the collaboration is the fact that Birst and Snowflake run on AWS. Because both products use this infrastructure, the latency decreases. The processing of data by Snowflake and Birst, therefore, has to be faster. Infor says it eliminates the need to export data from Snowflake.

Previously, Infor launched the Infor Data Lake, and the current announcement seems to complement this. Data Lakes are also used to extract data for analytics purposes. However, the final use cases differ from each other, so with the announced cooperation Infor gives users more freedom of choice.

Snowflake growing fast

Snowflake has been growing rapidly in recent months. It has recently raised hundreds of millions and regularly announces new collaborations. One of the partnerships that has been expanded is with Salesforce, more details about which will come out at a later stage.