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In an effort to contribute to making it easier to breed certain species of fish, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, created Tidal. It is a system that can be used on fish farms to recognise different fish species and fish populations.

Tidal has mainly focused on implementing a system that is capable of recognising fish in huge numbers. According to the division, this would completely replace the manual checking of shoals of fish, which would significantly reduce the time spent on such tasks. In addition, older technology would also be far from as reliable as a well-trained AI.

According to Tidal, the technology is capable of recognising certain patterns and movements of fish, which is impossible for the human eye. Thousands of individual fish could be tracked at the same time and given a log with the smallest details.

Such data would make it significantly easier for fish breeders to see how much food is still present in their farms and would thus offer the opportunity to form a more efficient farm.