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Machines to perform half of the human tasks by 2025

Machines to perform half of the human tasks by 2025

Robots could be the reason for you to lose your job, but they will also create new jobs and make society better. According to the World Economic Forum report. The report says that 85 million jobs will be lost to robots and automated machines in the next five years.

In the same period, 97 million new jobs will be created in 26 different economies, spanning 15 industries. The shift may involve some turbulence, as this is a part of any revolutionary change. There will be requirements to upskill and reskill many of the people in the current workforce.

We have to invest in workers and jobs

In discussing the report, the Director-General of ILO (The International Labor Organization), Guy Ryder, said that there would have to be a massive investment in people and jobs in growth industries.

With the need to upskill and reskill going up, companies and governments have to invest in social protection, as it is the most reasonable lubricant during change. The investment is necessary to get the workers to accept and embrace changes without falling through the cracks during this transition.

New laws and regulations to protect workers have to be implemented. With the pandemic in full force with remote working as the only option, the shift to automation has accelerated.

Fear and optimism

Some people are not comfortable watching their jobs get taken over by automation, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. These rapid advancements bring anxiety and worry among the humans who know that a robot with the capability to do their job could be rolling off an assembly line in the next few years.

Others have embraced technology as a way to take mundane and repetitive tasks away from the daily routine. Having machines do them leaves human workers to add value in a creative way a machine can’t. 

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