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TIBCO Software is on the acquiring Information Builders in a move that will bring their combined 70 years of data management expertise under one roof. Information Builders was founded in 1975 in New York City. Since then, it has been providing tools for data analysis for upward of 45 years now.

The acquisition will bring together a collection of tools and connectors used in Business Intelligence. Most of them are still widely used to access data in legacy systems. TIBCO’s portfolio will now be significantly padded.

Data drives growth

TIBCO COO Matt Quinn says that most of the organizations are trying to manage data of strategic assets that are stuck in legacy systems. That is where the TIBCO and Information Builders tools will come in. The challenge of accessing and making sense of the data will require solutions from Information Builders and TIBCO.

The tools will be used to understand the semantics and syntax used to store and manage the data on mainframes and midrange systems that use crucial apps in on-premises IT environments.

The acquisition of ibi brings integration, lineage, quality, and governance of data while expanding the platforms that data virtualization tech can use.

Data is forever

The long-term goal is that analyzing this legacy data will be more than useful in the present. It can be used in AI systems to drive AI apps by training AI models. The concept of AI models requires many data sets to learn from and come up with a useful AI-driven app or solution. 

It is not clear how many companies will be forced to merge because of the pandemic’s economic downturn. Now more than ever, data is critical to organizations, and consolidations of data management tools makers could continue.