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AWS unveils new tool for moving data from one data store to another

AWS unveils new tool for moving data from one data store to another

AWS has launched Glue Elastic Views, a new tool that developers can use to move data from one store to another. During the AWS re:Invent Keynote, the CEO, Andy Jassy, said that Glue Elastic Views is a service that programmers can use to move data in multiple data stores without any trouble.

The new service can take data stored in separate silos and then copy them to a target data store. With the AWS ETL service, programmers can write a little bit of SQL code and then have a materialized view that can move from one source of data to another.

A simple and easy way to move data

For instance, Jassy said that programmers could move data from DynamoDB to Elastic Search and have the capability to set up a materialized copy of the data and manage dependencies simultaneously. That means that if the data changes in the source lake, it will provide an automatic update reflected in the other data stores to where it has been relocated.

When you can straightforwardly move data, it becomes a potent tool, according to Jassy.

The integration of tools that make it easy to manage databases and data stores is one of the best tools for an enterprise to manage their businesses during the pandemic.

Forging a better digital transformation

The re:Invent summit has seen the unveiling of other products that are useful in an increasingly modernized world. The digital transformation can move ahead faster when people have the kind of tools produced by companies like AWS.

As we head into the end of the year, the summit will most likely have more tools for enterprise use. Hopefully, they will lead to exciting innovations and make it easy for enterprises to get into the post-COVID-19 era with minimal trouble.