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Amazon Web Services (AWS) said it’s adding live-streaming capabilities to its real-time communication service ‘Amazon Chime.’

A division of Amazon providing APIs and on-demand cloud computing platforms to companies, governments, and individuals, AWS said it is introducing live streaming technology to its real-time communications service Amazon Chime Software Development Kit (SDK).

With this new addition, the e-commerce giant said developers can reach millions of audiences just by sending real-time videos to streaming services like Twitch.

Amazon Chime SDK

Amazon Chime SDK allows developers to add real-time videos, voices, and messaging powered by Machine learning (ML) to their mobile and web applications.

For instance, developers can utilize it to include videos in health-related apps, allowing patients to video-call their doctors directly through the app.

The live-streaming addition is simply an extension. In the blog post, Amazon described that while live streaming has evolved massively, sending real-time videos from apps to streaming services is still hard.

Developers have no option but to employ legacy products unfit for the task as they lack scaling or creating customized solutions.

In addition, they have to pen various codes to process video, manage infrastructure, and send videos in the appropriate formats to the live streaming service.

What’s a live connector?

It’s easy to overcome these issues with a live-connector feature of Amazon Chime SDK. It allows developers to not only create but send real-time videos from multiparty video sessions to several popular streaming services where they can be spread to a worldwide audience.

Additionally, it offers numerous tools to improve the live streaming experience, such as formatting video templates, selecting and blending several video streams into a single stream, and improving video and audio quality.

In short, video streams could be taken as one file for video-on-demand playback, archiving, or offline consumption.