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The AWS GameDay is just around the corner. The world championship provides an opportunity for any professional that works with AWS services. Participants compete by solving fictional business assignments.

System administrators, developers, solutions architects and technical account managers of any skill level are free to register. The competition consists of multiple virtual rounds on multiple dates. During a round, participants are asked to perform an assignment from a fictional company. The assignment must be performed using the AWS Management Console and various AWS services.

Collaboration is allowed: a team may consist of at least one participant and up to four participants. The first qualifying round is scheduled for August 31 2022. Registrations are still welcome. After the second and third qualifying rounds, the winners advance to the finals. The winners of the finals receive a catered trip to AWS re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas.

Learning opportunity

GameDay is more than a competition. The event is a workshop for any professional that works with AWS. The fictional assignments are hands-on exercises. GameDay is an effective way to test AWS skills in practice. In addition, each participant receives an AWS account with access to multiple services. In that respect, GameDay is an opportunity to get acquainted with paid AWS products.

Each round will be broadcast in a livestream on Twitch. The livestream allows viewers to learn along without participating. In addition to a computer and browser, participants will need an SSH client, Remote Desktop Client (RDP) and AWS Command Line Tools (AWS CLI).

Relevant services

According to AWS, preparations aren’t necessary. The assignments were carefully crafted to allow for multiple solutions. The tech giant disclosed that familiarity with the following services may come in handy during the competition: Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Athena, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, AWS Lambda, Amazon RDS, Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Route 53.

AWS shared the contest dates, entry form and an impression of the assignments on its website.

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