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Google has added new AI tools to Google Cloud that allow webshop owners to personalise their websites for their customers. The search giant is also offering new search options for webshops.

The main new feature is Recommendations AI. This AI analyzes previous customer behaviours and, based on this, adjusts the website to show more relevant products. In a blog post, Google writes that the webshop administrator can use the feature to dynamically respond to user behaviour to adjust the assortment and prices.

When web shops add Vision API Product Search to their websites, customers can search for products based on images. Based on machine learning, the machine then searches for similar products.

The last new feature is Google Cloud Search for Retail. This is an improved general search engine that web shops can add to their websites.


Recommendations AI and Vision API Product Search are available immediately for Google Cloud customers. Google Cloud Search is still in Private Preview phase. Customers who want to try out the latter feature can contact a Google sales representative.

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