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Enterprise data cloud company Cloudera announced on Wednesday that the Cloudera Data Platform is now available on Google Cloud. CDP, as it is known, is a hybrid and multi-cloud data and analytics platform offering advanced security and governance for the world’s biggest companies.

The addition to Google Cloud enables the platform to fulfil a promise it made to offer the enterprise data platform to the global market.

Google Cloud is coming up as the public cloud of choice for many crucial enterprises and having CPD on the platform makes it even better, by offering more capabilities, scale, and choice to customers.

The value of Cloudera

For businesses, the key to survival is being able to find the hidden patterns in data. The problem usually is that businesses have more data than they can analyze properly. To compete, insights from data are needed. That is where CPD on Google Cloud comes in.

It can help companies get positive business results quickly, offering high-quality data on an open-source, scalable, enterprise data cloud platform.

Cloudera Data Platform on Google Cloud uses Cloudera’s SDX (Shared Data Experience), to create data lakes in an organization’s Google Cloud account and allocate provisions for machine learning and analytics services in minutes instead of weeks.

Google Cloud is looking pretty

Mick Hollison, Cloudera’s President, said that the platform helps companies make sense of data across hybrid, cross-cloud and on-premises environments, fueled by ‘our open-source DNA’.

He continued to say that the company helps a majority of the top 100 companies included in the Fortune 500 harness insights while enabling security, centralized governance, and compliance throughout the collected data’s lifecycle.

The Senior Director of Product Management at Google Cloud said that they are committed to delivering the technology and partnerships that drive enterprises’ digital transformations.