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Dakaiku has announced that it is receiving a strategic investment from Snowflake. Snowflake wants to make Dataiku’s services available to its own customers.

The investment comes from Snowflake Ventures, the venture branch of Snowflake. Both companies provide AI capabilities that customers can use to build, implement and monitor data science projects. Dataiku does not say how much money is involved in the new investment.

Collaboration since 2020

Snowflake and Dataiku have been working closely together since November 2020 to offer the two companies’ services together. This allows Dataiku customers to access the Snowflake Data Cloud and Snowflake customers to use Dataiku’s resources.

A recently added service is Dataiku Online with Snowflake, a SaaS offering from Dataiku with Snowflake integration, which directly links customer data. In the future, the two companies want to enable their joint customers to quickly access new data in the cloud.

Joint commitment

“We partner and invest with companies that demonstrate a commitment to mobilizing data and provide value to our customers,” Snowflake SVP of Product, Christian Kleinerman said. “This investment with Dataiku solidifies our strong partnership and joint commitment to help our customers take advantage of AI and machine learning together and realize the benefits from the Data Cloud.”

“The past year has shown every business that data is essential for resilience,” said Dataiku CEO Florian Douetteau. “That resilience can be achieved by expanding access to data in the cloud, paired with the ability to rapidly develop insights and predictive applications. We believe that the deepening integration with Snowflake will provide our joint customers with a faster, better path to adapt, scale and meet new challenges.”

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