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Zebra Technologies intends to acquire Matrox Imaging. Matrox Imaging specializes in machine vision components and systems. The technology will become part of Zebra’s machine vision portfolio.

Matrox Imaging develops SDKs, cameras and sensors for data collection in the manufacturing industry. Zebra Technologies acquires the organization to expand its fixed industrial scanning and machine vision portfolio. The acquisitions of Adaptive Vision and Fetch Robotics served the same purpose.

“Customers are increasingly deploying automated solutions to help front-line workers. In turn, front-line workers are able to focus on complex, high-value workflows. Machine vision is a key technology”, says Zebra CEO Anders Gustafsson.


According to Zebra, the upcoming integrations are primarily interesting for managers in the automotive, electronics and food industries.

Matrox Imaging’s technology provides literal insight into a supply chain. “Almost all decision-makers in the pharmaceutical and food industries agree that supply chain visibility provides a clear competitive advantage,” shares a spokesperson based on Zebra’s Vision Study.


Zebra is acquiring Matrox Imaging for $875 million (roughly €800 million). The acquisition depends on the agreement of market authorities. Zebra expects to complete the acquisition within 2022.