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BMC Software has filed a request for an IPO with the U.S. securities regulator SEC. This is reported by Bloomberg based on sources.

According to Bloomberg, the IPO could take place later this year. Business bank Goldman Sachs is said to have been selected as a facilitator for the IPO. BMC Software is now owned by the private investment company KKR&CO. The value at which the software giant is now estimated is between 14 billion and 15 billion dollars. It could therefore raise 13.1 billion 14 billion euros with the IPO.

The software giant itselfhas not yet commented on the rumors. BMC Software did hold a call for investors on Feb. 7 this year about its third fiscal quarter 2023 results. It is possible that the option of an IPO was discussed at that time.

Not a done deal

A potential IPO of the software company is not a done deal, sources tell Bloomberg. The best chance for the IPO is if the market for new listings on the U.S. stock exchange becomes more attractive again later this year. In addition, BMC or owner KKR&Co might consider other options. Such as a sale to another party.

According to Bloomberg, the climate for an IPO in the U.S. is slowly improving.

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