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Adobe brings ‘secure’ AI image generator to enterprise customers

Adobe brings ‘secure’ AI image generator to enterprise customers

AI image generator Firefly is becoming available to Adobe’s enterprise customers. This should give commercial users a safe place to create images using generative AI.

Adobe allows business customers to create images using generative AI without the risk of copyright infringement. According to Adobe, no other party offers anything similar.

Business customers can further count on legal assistance from Adobe should a copyright issue arise. The company clarified this to VentureBeat: “If a customer is sued for infringement, Adobe would take over legal defense and provide some monetary coverage for those claims.” The commercial version will be available in the second half of 2023.

AI content tailored to your brand

With Adobe Firefly for Enterprise, companies can place AI content in Creative Cloud applications, Express and Experience Manager. Companies can also train photo editing tools with their own content to get results that convey brand and corporate identity.

In Photoshop, generative fill is already available in beta. The tool allows you to add AI-generated content to a photo. For example, you can change the background in a photo taken by the sea to look like you’re standing in a horse barn by penning down your wish in Firefly. The tool does the work for you.