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Microsoft has renamed Chat, an app with minimal Teams functionality, in the latest Windows 11 Preview Build 25921: Microsoft Teams-Free. The app is a standard feature in the Windows 11 taskbar.

Microsoft is busy implementing the new version of its Teams app across its entire portfolio. This means all applications with this functionality should naturally be given the same name.


Now it is the turn of its Chat application that comes standard with Windows 11. The recent Windows 11 Preview Build 25921 for the Canary Channel shows that the name of this application has now been changed to Microsoft Teams-Free.

Since 2021, the app has offered users a free lightweight version of its Teams applications. This lets users quickly open Teams video calls or chat from the taskbar.

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Functionality not changed

With the name change to Microsoft Teams-Free, the application’s functionality has not changed. Still, the tool offers a quick option for opening a video call, starting a chat session or making a phone call. The application is also still pinned to the taskbar, which, incidentally, it can be removed from.

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