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X lets ‘conservative’ advertisers pay more to stay away from spam

X lets ‘conservative’ advertisers pay more to stay away from spam

X allows advertisers to have more say in an ad’s position. The more advertisers pay, the more neutral the surrounding content.

In a new pricing plan, advertisers from X, the former Twitter, can choose from three pricing tiers. Companies that want to see their advertising around safe content can go for the “Conversational” category.

New ad options imposed themselves after Elon Musk took over and decided to remove all filters from the social media platform. Many advertisers preferred not to risk having their campaign just above or below hateful messages or explicit content. Fearing image damage, advertisers abandoned the social media platform.

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‘Conservative’ advertisers pay the most

Then there are the ‘standard’ and ‘relaxed’ categories, although the latter is not currently available. The less budget there is to place an ad, the more sensitive the surrounding content will become.

According to Musk, the system is fair: “This is important and fair to advertisers. They don’t have the right to censor this platform, but they absolutely have the right to say what content appears next to their ads.”

But even the cheapest category keeps an ad away from explicit sexual content and targeted hate speech. These ads may pop up next to content about drugs or spam messages, but according to the pricing plan, this maximises the campaign’s reach.