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WordPress now offers 100-year domain registration

WordPress now offers 100-year domain registration

WordPress is offering customers the opportunity to secure a particular domain for as much as a century. The offer is available through a one-time payment of 35,000 euros ($38,000).

According to WordPress, the new service targets families and founders of companies, who want to record their history for future generations.

Other potential customers may always want a stable, flexible and customized online environment that automatically adapts to all future technological developments.


The service for 100-year domain registration is not cheap. Users must cough up a one-time fee of $38,000 for it. WordPress then ensures that the desired domain is registered for the next 100 years.

In addition, the service provides multiple automatic backups of the content published on the website in multiple geographically distributed data centers. The site, when public, is copied to the Internet Archive and an optional “lock mode” is also offered.

The site is hosted on WordPress top tier terms, with unlimited bandwidth, best speed and security in a single package. Furthermore, users of the 100-year-old registration service will receive 24/7 personal support from the CMS and domain registration provider.

By the way, it remains to be seen whether WordPress can really guarantee this service or the 100-year domain registration. The terms and conditions don’t specify how the domains and backups will be kept up to date with the constantly changing Internet landscape and what happens if the company does want to discontinue the service.

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